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BSH Spółka Jawna - briquette and pellet producer

About Us

We produce high quality wood briquette with RUF machines and wood pellet.
BSH company was found in 2004 and is located in town of Syski in Łódź voivodeship. We produce brick-shaped briquette with the help of most modern RUF production line. Our economic and high energetic briquette is made from pressed sawdust from deciduous plants. From the start of our company our primary goal is to achive highest quality of our products which currently meets all european norms (DIN). We sell and ship our products to countries of western Europe, most of our export goes to Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Due to increase of our production capability we seek new markets and clients for our products.


Briquette is a 100% natural fuel made out of mechanically pressed plant sawdust without any chemicals added

Easy transport

Briquette is brick shaped and packed in 10kg packages, which means its very easy to storage and transport.

briquette performance

While burning briquette there is little to none smoke, it burns to the end leaving no unburned pieces. Briquette is pure and ecological, it does not pollute or corrode the chimneys


Humidity of our briquette is less then 10%

BSH briquette

Gallery of pictures presenting our company and product

Our location

Adress: Piotrkowska 28, 95-080 Syski, gm. Tuszyn

Email: biuro@bsh.info.pl


Phone office  : +48 538 300 313
Phone :
 +48 608 635 788
  Phone : +48 604 060 308

Check out a video presenting our production line.

We are looking for

New markets for briquette and pellet

New customers